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Who are we?


Niamat’s Farm Int, the largest and most beautiful pet mart of Suriname. Niamat’s Farm Int is known to hobbyists across the country and abroad for its good service, advice, expertise and special warranty.
We share your passion for all your pets.

What do we do?

Pet Health Centre

The Pet Health Centre consists of a Pet Health Clinic and Pet Medical Laboratory where we make sure your pet is healthy and happy in a friendly relaxed setting.


Niamat’s Farm Int. has established his own production line where premium high quality pet food, veterinary pharmaceuticals and healthcare products are developed.

Breeding Farm

The breeding farm is highly renowned for suppling the finest quality of exotic Marine or Tropical Fish and exotic birds!. Niamats Farm Int. only works with the best suppliers.

Pet Mart

The most comprehensive pet mart of Suriname with a range of over 100 different products like aquariums, bird and parrot cages, premium pet food and much more!

How to reach us


Niamat’s Farm Int.
Molenpad 24
Paramaribo, Suriname

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